The first three months

They say that when you have kids, the years fly by. And once you get into a rhythm, they sure do. But the first three months? Those are the really tricky ones. 

Whatever you are going through, know that the difficulties will eventually pass.

These early moments of family life are truly special, but nobody wants to feel like it will never end. It can feel like you’ve fallen in a deep, dark hole that you can’t get out of. You try to push through it as optimistically as you can. But sleep deprivation, confusion and constant crying can have a devastating effect on a parent’s confidence. As well as your ability to truly bond with their newborn and build wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime.

First, a word of encouragement. Whatever you are going through, know that the difficulties will eventually pass. Every baby will learn to sleep through the night. They will put on weight and you will find a rhythm.

The question is, how fast can that happen?  Because faster is better, obviously. And gently and more lovingly is far better too. This is why the Dunstan Baby Language can be such a valuable tool for new parents. It helps new parents find the path forward with their baby as a partner. Actually, with their newborn leading the way. By understanding the ‘words’ your baby makes in response to their hunger, sleep and skin reflexes, the guessing goes away. You’ll learn to short circuit understanding your baby’s needs so you can respond faster than their screaming can start.

As much as you want this newborn phase to last forever, having those first three months fly by is actually the greatest thing. 


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