Learn the secret language of your baby

The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to listen for, interpret and respond to your baby’s needs.

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The natural, loving method to calm your baby.

It’s the system that convinced Oprah

The world discovered Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah, but it’s become so much more. Our programmes have helped millions of parents bond with their babies and sleep more peacefully. Incredibly, this episode is still one of the most popular she’s ever had.

A few hours of study can save hundreds of hours of crying.

Better sleep

Better feeding

Feel more secure

Settle faster

Less crying

Sleep better

Feed better

Feel secure

Settle faster

Cry less

Share the course with your partner, and strengthen your family unit

So often, dads feel left out of the experience of parenting newborns, particularly if mom is breastfeeding and bonding intimately with their infant.

Dunstan Baby Language empowers dads to become an integral part of the team too. In fact, in those times when mom is exhausted, it’s dad who is more alert and able to pay close attention to the newborn’s pre-cry words. Dads regularly tell us how special it feels to understand their baby, and be able to act on it quickly and lovingly themselves.

Each enrollment in the Dunstan Baby Comprehensive course is structured to be shared across several devices. Which means that while it’s great to study together, it’s also convenient to improve your knowledge whenever one of you has a moment to spare.



Learn your baby’s own language.

Before Priscilla Dunstan, nobody understood that the vocal reflexes of all healthy newborn babies naturally produce 5 pre-cry sounds, each of which clearly identify a specific infant need.

It’s a revolutionary,  proven method.

The course has close to a hundred video examples of baby cries, as well as countless tips and tricks to help you become an expert baby listener in no time.

Do you feel that parenting is more difficult than it should be?

If you want to take stress out of your household, sleep better and feel more bonded with your newborn, then this is the course for you.

It’s the loving way to help your child feel safe, secure and that all of it’s needs are being met quickly and gently. We believe that cry-it-out techniques are not only brutal in the short term, but psychologically damaging in the long term.

That’s why Dunstan Baby Language is unique, and so effective.

It’s the proven method that’s recommended by millions of grateful parents. With comprehensive instruction as well as dozens of video examples of different baby cries, this course will train you to truly, deeply listen to your baby.