Pregnant? Get ready

Preparing for a closer connection with your newborn.

Nine months of anticipation can be nerve-wracking. Which is why expectant first-time mothers immerse themselves in reading, facebook groups and online chat rooms getting ready for baby.

This is one of the reasons that we make sure that every person taking the Dunstan Baby Language course has access for an entire year. This means you can learn the language while getting ready for baby, and then go back and refresh your skills once they arrive.

This means that parents can: 

  • Correctly identify and address the basic needs of your baby.
  • Develop the skills to help their infant cry less, settle more easily, and have more uninterrupted sleep.
  • Experience increased satisfaction, self-esteem, and ability to care
    for your baby.
  • Feel less stress as their child becomes happier and more content.
  • And as your baby sleeps, so can you!

Every baby is an individual, and with the Dunstan System you can fully appreciate your baby as your guide.

Benefits for Baby and You

Parents around the world tell us how learning the Baby Language changed their lives. Being able to correctly identify and address the needs of your baby will deepen the bond with your child, and ease much of the pressure and stress that is felt by parents.

Independent research conducted with mothers in Australia, the US and the UK in 2006 and 2007 confirmed the following benefits of using the System:

Works Universally

• 90% of all mothers found the Dunstan Baby Language valuable and would recommend it to other mothers.

• 100% of first time mothers reported the system highly valuable.

• 2 of 3 Fathers reported reduced levels of stress, and more positive marital relationships as an immediate result of greater paternal involvement.

The benefits can be experienced by everyone involved in newborn care. The System promotes the close observation and understanding of a baby’s cues, and this is as relevant to fathers as to mothers, to grandparents as to health care professionals. All can learn it – and the bonding effect can be experienced by everybody as they are getting ready for baby.

Greater Settling and Uninterrupted Sleep

• 70% reported their baby settled faster

• 50% experienced better feeding results*

• 50% reported an increase in uninterrupted sleep for both their baby and themselves

Since the Dunstan System teaches you to understand your baby’s needs from the first days of life, you can begin to observe and tune-in to your baby’s daily rhythms.

Very soon, you will see these daily rhythms become larger patterns. Dunstan Baby Language helps to take the guesswork out of caring for your new baby and by knowing your newborn’s needs, makes a routine possible. Every baby is an individual, and with the Dunstan System you can fully appreciate your baby as your guide.

Greater Confidence In Your Ability as a New Parent

• 70% of parents experienced greater self-esteem and a reduction in stress

• They felt more confident, relaxed and in control

• 50% of mothers felt a greater bond with their baby*

By understanding crying as communicating allows you to become confident about what works for your baby, helping you to feel calm, in control and more in tune with your baby. This knowledge also empowers partners, so that you can together learn your baby’s routine, organize your day, and support each other as you share the joys and duties of parenting your newborn.

The ultimate result is less parenting stress, less baby distress, and a more upbeat and relaxed start to life with your baby.

International research in Sydney, Australia and Chicago, USA was conducted by The Leading Edge. UK study conducted by 2CV, England.

*Specific to Australia and the US


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