“I remember tears coming to my eyes and thinking ‘Thank God someone has told me about this’

Millions of grateful parents all over the world have benefitted from the Dunstan Baby Language. The system will teach you how to interpret your baby’s needs through their sounds and cries, allowing you to take part in their universal language and share in the joy of listening and understanding. 

“I felt so much more confident that I could meet his needs. It empowers you to be the best parent you can be”

Love this! It’s brilliant. Very helpful, especially if you’re new to the world of babies. I’m just surprised that you don’t hear more about it. Babies are trying to communicate with us.

Jan 24, 2020

She is spot on!!!!! A few years later (dec 2016) I had our baby girl and used it the very first night she came home. This has made my first week as a first time mom unbelievably easier. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to understand the sounds their baby makes. You can definitely tell the different sounds they make and figure out what they need. This has saved me so much this first week. I can’t rave about this enough!!!

Angela Speck, USA.
Jan 31, 2016

“We looked at each other and said ‘We know that cry! Is that what it means?!’

My baby is 17 days old and I have been using this technique successfully from day one! Knowing what my newborn’s cries mean right off the bat not only meant my little guy has never had to cry for more than 2 minutes (except for a few gassy episodes where it took a while to burp him), but it has given me wonderful confidence as a new mom!

Angelica D, USA.

A must have for expectant parents. This course teaches you what the first sounds your baby makes really means, with strategies for calming baby too. It was truly a God send for us with our first child. Being able to take care of her needs immediately made things so much easier. It still remains a game for us when we hear other babies crying. We try and recognize which sound they are making and what they might need. It makes a great baby shower gift as well.

Andie, Canada.

“It is a magical system and without it, well, I don’t know how parents could cope.”