Making a difference

 Every new parent does everything possible to care for their baby.

We all do our very best, using the best advice we can get hold off. But all too often, there is a breaking point for all of us. Sleep deprivation leads to mental and physical exhaustion. It is an incredibly difficult time of life for everyone. I promise you, no-one gets off easily.

This is where my programs can help. Just as they have helped hundreds of thousands of new parents over the past fifteen years.

When I was younger, I had no idea that I would become a ‘parenting expert’. I had dreams of becoming a professional musician, performing in concert halls all over the world.

But this discovery has taken over my life. I didn’t pursue it. It found me, and for the past fifteen years it has never let go. Once I learned how fulfilling it was to truly make a difference in people’s lives, I knew I couldn’t do anything else.

When the Dunstan Baby Language was launched to the world, almost to a person, new parents were taught ‘cry-it-out’ programs with deceptive names such as ‘controlled crying’. Parenting experts of the time (and some even today!) didn’t believe a gentle, calm listening parenting system could be effective. I am so thrilled to have proven them wrong. And I can’t wait to help you learn to be a better rested and stronger bonded new parent as well.

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Dr Maureen O’Brien

Child Development Expert and best selling author of Watch Me Grow: I’m One-Two-Three

Nothing is as thrilling as becoming a new mom. And nothing is as daunting as having a crying newborn. Mothers everywhere know the feeling of enormous love and responsibility that is the hallmark of becoming a new parent.

When I first encountered the work of Dunstan Baby, I was captivated by the System’s potential to empower new parents.

To be able to listen and know what an infant needs would revolutionize the experience of parenting… from trial and error (lots of error!) to calm and confident caregiving.

It would enable parents to develop a deeper bond of understanding, love and trust with their baby and also with each other. What better way to support new families

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