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Dunstan Baby Language Mastery

Quickly learn the language of your baby so that you can respond quickly and accurately to their needs.

If you want to take stress out of your household, sleep better and feel more bonded with your newborn, then this is the course for you.

Recommended by millions of grateful parents. With comprehensive instruction as well as dozens of video examples of different baby cries, this course will train you to truly, deeply listen to your baby.


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Better sleep

Better feeding

Feel more secure

Settle faster

Less crying

Sleep better

Feed better

Feel secure

Settle faster

Cry less

1. Foundations

Lesson One: Welcome to Dunstan Baby Language

Lesson Two: Laying the foundations

2. The First Three Words

Lesson Three:  The word “Neh”

Lesson Four:  Managing feeding issues

Lesson Five:  The word “Owh”

Lesson Six:  Bedroom set up

Lesson Seven: The word “Eh”

3. Revision & Quiz

Lesson Eight:  What we’ve learned

Lesson Nine:  A mid-course quiz

4. The Last Two Words

Lesson Ten: The word “Eairh”

Lesson Eleven: The word “Heh”

Lesson Twelve: Additional practice

5. Bringing It Together

Lesson Thirteen:  Bringing it together

Lesson Fourteen: The final quiz

Lesson Fifteen: Using Baby Notes

Lesson Sixteen: Inside a seminar

Course Outline

⇒   16 Lessons

⇒   Quizzes & exercises

⇒   40 page workbook & baby notes


Just $39 provides a full suite of lessons and tools that will equip you to become an expert baby listener in no time. It is the most comprehensive instruction in the Dunstan Baby Language available, with a series of exercises to help you tune your ears to the sound of your baby’s cries.



Includes settling techniques and tips as well as a series of training exercises with plenty of video examples of the sounds.


Learn the system when you are expecting. Refresh when your baby arrives for a smooth start to parenthood.


Learn at your own pace on whatever device is most convenient for you: desktop, mobile or tablet.

Dr Maureen O’Brien

Child Development Expert and best selling author of Watch Me Grow: I’m One-Two-Three

Nothing is as thrilling as becoming a new mom. And nothing is as daunting as having a crying newborn. Mothers everywhere know the feeling of enormous love and responsibility that is the hallmark of becoming a new parent.

When I first encountered the work of Dunstan Baby, I was captivated by the System’s potential to empower new parents.

To be able to listen and know what an infant needs would revolutionize the experience of parenting… from trial and error (lots of error!) to calm and confident caregiving.

It would enable parents to develop a deeper bond of understanding, love and trust with their baby and also with each other. What better way to support new families

Love this! It’s brilliant. Very helpful, especially if you’re new to the world of babies. I’m just surprised that you don’t hear more about it. Babies are trying to communicate with us.

Jan 24, 2020

She is spot on!!!!! A few years later (dec 2016) I had our baby girl and used it the very first night she came home. This has made my first week as a first time mom unbelievably easier. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to understand the sounds their baby makes. You can definitely tell the different sounds they make and figure out what they need. This has saved me so much this first week. I can’t rave about this enough!!!

Angela Speck, USA.
Jan 31, 2016