Our professionally accredited partners guide parents to tune in to their babies. One on one, or in small classes. They educate them on what to listen for and how understand their specific needs. And especially, to listen to a new parent’s questions and provide answers.

Teaching new parents how to become more confident and able is our #1 priority. Our goal is to introduce mothers and fathers to a profoundly simple, new baby care practice: Listening to their infants in a new way. And by doing so, empowering them to hear their newborn baby’s language amidst the crying – and to know how to quickly calm an infant by responding to exactly what their baby needs.

Meet our baby language consulting partners

In Australia, meet Sonja

I have been a parenting consultant for 20 years with 10 years of DBL experience, in Australia as National Trainer. I write weekly articles about parenting, and have just released some stortelling cards.

I’m passionate about great communication and it starts with Dunstan Baby.

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In China & Singapore, meet Meng




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In Holland, meet Bregje

I have been working with Dunstan Baby Language since 2010. In the Netherlands we have trained thousands of baby professionals that now use the baby language in their work and transfer their knowledge to fresh parents.

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In Israel, meet Shavit

אני אמא לשלוש בנות ,יועצת ומנחת קבוצות הורות ראשונית מזה 12 שנים והראשונה בישראל. אני DBL שלימדה רשמית את בישראל DBL מדריכה ומאמנת ארצית עבור מאז 2007

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In France, meet Isabelle

Je suis une maman de 4 enfants et j’ai découvert le Dunstan lors de ma dernière grossesse.

J’accompagne les familles et leurs bébés comme thérapeute depuis 10 ans. J’enseigne le Dunstan depuis 5 ans en France et de forme de nouvelles instructrices depuis 2 ans.

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In Germany, Switzerland & Austria meet Vivian

Ich habe 20 Jahre Lehrerfahrung und bin Autorin mehrerer Elternratgeber und Kinderbücher. Ich bin als Nation Trainer Ausbilderin für Dunstan in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz und außerdem  Geschäftsführerin und Ausbilderin eines internationalen Babyzeichensprache Netzwerkes.

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In Romania, meet Mihaela

Sunt mama a doua fete si lucrez in domeniul educatiei de mai multi ani. De asemeni, intr-o fundatie din Romania, lucrez cu oameni vulnerabili. Am descoperit Dunstan in 2011 in timp ce eram insarcinata cu prima fetita si am devenit primul educator Dunstan din Romania in 2014.

De atunci am predat Dunstan numerosilor parinti interesati atat in cadrul organizat al cursurilor private cat si ca parte a unui program derulat intr-o maternitate.

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In Japan, meet Natsumi


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Become an accredited Dunstan Baby Language instructor.

Interested in sharing the Baby Language in your community? The Dunstan Baby Language Instructor program has trained more than 1,000 instructors making a difference in 20 countries.

We welcome the interest of infant care professionals and passionate non-professionals alike. We have amongst our teaching group a variety of backgrounds and qualifications from pregnancy and infant care professionals, to doctors, nurses, midwives as well as infant massage, yoga and other well-being practitioners. 

We also welcome candidates from business, commercial or teaching backgrounds with a strong interest in growing a community-based business.