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Most people who come to this page have been touched personally by the Dunstan Baby Language.

They are mothers themselves and understand the challenges faced by every new parent. They may have used the Baby Language personally and experienced the amazing difference that it made to them.  Sometimes, an infant care professional will have it recommended to them by a satisfied parent, whose conviction about Dunstan Baby Language’s effectiveness left them in no doubt about adopting it into their skill set. If you are already committed to helping new parents  to become more confident and capable in caring for their infants – whether you are a lactation or sleep consultant, nurse, doula, or other practitioner who helps new mothers and infants, then becoming an accredited Dunstan Baby Language Instructor can complement your current skills and give you new capabilities to help your clients. There’s no better way than personal, hands-on instruction to introduce mothers and fathers to our profoundly simple, breakthrough baby care system to solve all manner of problems they will encounter on a daily basis. Dunstan Baby Language Instructors guide parents to tune in to their babies. And show them how to quickly calm their infant by responding to what their baby needs. Whether it’s sleeping or feeding issues, the Dunstan Baby Language is a complementary tool to help solve many of the issues faced by new parents. Whether it’s one on one at home, or in small groups, you will educate them on what to listen for and how understand their specific needs. And especially, to listen to a new parent’s questions and provide answers.

About the English Online Training Course

The DBL  Instructor Program explains in depth the history, research and application of the Dunstan Baby Language (or  Dunstan Classification of Infant Sounds) based on the 5 ‘pre-cry’ sounds that every baby expresses to signal their 5 most fundamental needs. The online training programis structured to prepare you to teach the Baby Language to individual mothers or to small groups of parents. It provides the basis for how the system can be best taught and applied; which subtle cues to listen for and how to better respond to an infant’s needs, with consistency, predictability and effectiveness. Online courses allow you to study the curriculum at your own pace. At over 280 pages,it will give you a thorough understanding of the development and research behind the Dunstan Baby Language. It contains a detailed breakdown of each aspect of the DBL system,with many examples for you to study and analyse the crying videos, take the open book tests (multiple choice, open- ended) and then download the handouts, including class plans and summaries for your reference and use. Ideally, you should complete the training within 3 months. Most complete the course within 30 days. During the course, you will be asked to complete various tests and exam questions, relating to the material you have read. Remember, it is an open book test, so you have access to the reference material. You will also be shown audio-visual examples of the various cries, as well as audio examples. Upon completion, you will need to achieve a pass rate of 90% or more, then you will be issued with a Certificate of Accreditation. Then we will the help you set up a profile in our new Global Online Directory(coming February 2021) so that you can promote your business to the many parents who prefer hands-on, face -to-face help with their infants.


We are here to help and answer any questions


Sonja Preston
Dunstan Baby Language National Trainer

When you have completed the course, we want you to feel confident, well prepared and ready to start instructing. 

Sonja Preston, National Trainer for Australia is the designated English-speaking Trainer who is available to answer any questions you may have about the course via email or via Zoom calls. 

Sonja will guide you through any problems you may encounter and we provide 2 hours of face-to-face coaching as part of the course. If you require further support and coaching from Sonja you can purchase additional 2-hr packages for $150.

2 hours of one-to-one coaching included with every enrollment

Additional 2-hr packages
for $150

Additional Resources Included in the Program


Includes flash cards that can be printed for use in the classroom; plus a video files for you to burn onto CD or your computer showing examples of the 5 DBL ‘words’.


Showing the Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Baby Language and other PR material to be used for your local promotions.



Logos, key visuals for marketing and artwork for leaflets and parent handouts. Printing materials is optional and the costs are the responsibility of the Instructor.

And of course you will have complete and ongoing access to the course materials. Once you have passed the tests and become qualified, you will have for your ongoing use and reference access at any time to the digital course via your online login.

Be a more effective infant-care consultant. And build more effective parents.

A Dunstan Baby Language instructor’s role is to increase the confidence levels in expectant women and to elevate the sometimes challenges self-esteem in tired new mothers. The biggest difference you can make to the well being of the family unit often starts here.

“I must say your words have made having my third child an absolute pleasure by allowing me not to feel so helpless (even with a windy baby), and I’m enjoying my time with little Ella immensely.” – Marika Fothringham, Australia

By teaching a new parent how to listen in a new way, you are providing a lifelong foundation upon which this most fundamental relationship depends. A Dunstan Baby Language instructor empowers mothers to better care for their baby so that by crying less, settling quicker, both mother and baby can sleep more.

Research shows that when an infant’s needs are met consistently, early attachment is made possible. Furthermore, Dads  can now learn to bond with baby, too. The inclusion of fathers in the nurturing process not only supports the mother but is also a profound shift in the family dynamics.

Scientific research has shown that a closer maternal bond enhances an infant’s emotional, intellectual and psychological development. Fathers can now actively contribute to this important process, with your help and guidance.

Furthermore, it is our view that an understanding of the baby language can assist mothers deal with the conditions that are commonly present in those who experience ‘baby blues’. By promoting a greater sense of confidence, self-esteem and more rest comes from applying Dunstan Baby Language.

And only a trained instructor can truly show a new mother how to tune in to her baby’s natural, daily rhythms, such that a gentle, intuitive routine becomes possible. The Dunstan Baby Language instructor program provides you with the tools to properly deliver this knowledge with confidence.

Welcome to our special group pioneering a global breakthrough in infant care!