Months Four +

Building your Baby Language skills

A comprehensive eBook focused on building advanced Dunstan Baby Language skills to help you cope with upcoming developmental challenges.

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“The eBook helped so much! We got through the bumpy times and our little boy is blossoming.” – Sonja

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This e-book will:

•   Level up your baby language skills

•   Manage upcoming transitions

•   Prepare for the next phase of development

•   Create a roadmap for a full-nights sleep

•   Help him fall asleep independently

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Book Outline:

How to manage upcoming transitions smoothly:

• From the swaddle to a sleep sack
• From the bedroom to the nursery
• Introducing solids
• Learning to roll and other mobility skills

Listening and responding to combinations of Dunstan Baby words:

• Listening tips to improve your Baby Language skills
• Specific response strategies when multiple needs are identified
• Tips to help manage sleep difficulties that happen as your baby develops.

BUY NOW  ($25)

30 day money back guarantee

No longer a newborn. Not quite a toddler.
Use your advanced Baby Language skills to help your baby develop, grow and thrive.

The only constant in parenting is change. Just when you think you’ve got a grip on your days and nights, your baby mixes it up.

Your baby isn’t doing this just to mess with you. There are some huge developmental changes coming up, and they are responding the way they always do. They are asking you for help.

The four month sleep regression is what you have heard about. If you’ve been following the Dunstan Baby Language system you’ve been laying the foundations to deal with this challenge. But there can be some difficult moments that this guide will help you through.

But there are other great transitions your baby is undergoing as well. They will begin to need more iron and other vitamins in their diet, and will have to learn to swallow solid food. Their bodies are getting stronger too, so they will be keen to start rolling and sitting up.

They are all exciting developments. And they should be welcomed, not feared.

We believe you should have the information and tools you need to understand and navigate this stage. Which is why we created our eBook “Months Four +” to give you the resources you need to expand your baby language skills, so you can provide loving support during this tricky stage.

 Simply click “Buy Now,” read the guide, and confidently navigate the challenges that come with these major growth moments.

Feel empowered to help your baby develop, grow and thrive.

BUY NOW  ($25)

30 day money back guarantee

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