Welcome to motherhood. And fatherhood.

Every new parent will do anything, everything possible to care for their newborn baby. Isn’t that an incredible thing?

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The Dunstan Baby Language Story

It all began with a crying baby. And his musical mother.

Discoveries sometimes happen outside of universities and laboratories by ordinary people with a desperate need they need to solve.  Today, these unqualified but highly motivated people are called Citizen Scientists. They don’t know the accepted rules. So they don’t realise they are breaking them.  One such rule-breaker was a child violinist with a pretty good memory for sound, Priscilla Dunstan gave birth to her first child on June 30, 1998. Within days, she begins to notice patterns in her son Tom’s incessant, non-stop cries. Priscilla quickly memorised the five basic sounds he was using (loudly, and often) and through trial and error, worked out a consistent way of responding to his needs. It took another 8 years of tireless research and development with the help of her father Max, a professor at the University of NSW to prove the sounds were universally applicable. Tom’s father George was the driving force behind the development program and along with a dedicated team of amazing people, introduced a revolutionary new way of listening to babies on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006. It was a remarkably lucky amazing journey to get to that global stage (at that time, before Facebook and Tik Tok and The Kardashians, it was the pinnacle with the biggest global audience). Made possible by many generous helping hands and supporters along the way. We are very grateful to everybody who made this useful method possible. Not the least of which is a colicky baby boy now 24) and his exhausted musical mother.

The grandfather of a colicky baby was a Professor. How lucky?

As luck would have it… wait a minute…. let’s include some synchronicity,  serendipity, fate and maybe even some karma into this unlikely story. Priscilla’s father, Dr Max Dunstan, was a university lecturer and inventor himself. 

One day, his daughter told him she had discovered some kind of language in babies. He wasn’t particularly surprised nor did he flinch. Could he help her figure out how to validate such a thing? He pulled out a blank piece of paper and drew up a basic research methodology (for us Dummies). His plan was simple. And elegant. And we followed it to the letter.

8 years of R&D. Thousands of babies. A lot of crying.

The first steps forward began with the help of an integrative Medical doctor who gave us access to some of her new mothers. As we followed Prof. Max’s stages of methodology – Observations, Classification, and Intervention the information we gathered started to become clearer and more valuable. 

A few years later, a fortuitous invitation to Brown University in the USA lead to the involvement of some of the world’s leading academic experts in Infant Crying. They came to Australia and saw Priscilla’s work first-hand. And they designed a robust clinical trial methodology that would give us the confidence to take the next big steps forward.

As seen on TV. 

These days anybody with an iPhone can find a global audience on Instagram or Tik Tok. In the olden days, back in 2006, nobody had yet heard of Facebook. Television was the holy grail. And the Queen of TV was Ms Oprah Winfrey. It’s actually a 20-minute story to walk you through the unlikely and highly fateful turn of events that made Oprah interested in interviewing Priscilla in the episode known as the Secret Language of Babies. It happened. We made history. And millions of babies happier as a consequence.

As seen on TV. By 100 million.


We were humbled when Priscilla was invited by Oprah Winfrey to first share the Dunstan Baby Language story with a global audience of over 100 million viewers in more than 20 countries. It was the only episode ever to be repeated in the following year during prime time, such was the overwhelming number of requests from mothers to see the show again. Today, Priscilla’s appearance on Oprah ranks amongst her top 20 rating shows ever. In the last 3 years alone, it has been viewed over 9 million time on Oprah.com.

Watch on Oprah.com


Click here for YouTube

Enough about us.

A big story like this matters only because of the tiny, vulnerable, helpless humans that are born every day by the millions.

The human condition is such that the greatest force in the universe is a parent’s love of their new baby. Why else would we endure the ridiculously exhausting sleepless nights and smelly nappy changes and puke and expense and loss of everything we valued as single, unmarried, non-parents?

We’re here to change the world one cry at a time. One sleepy, hungry, wet, exasperated, vulnerable baby at a time. This is not just our story, or Tom’s story or Priscilla’s story but it is the story of the endless well of the unconditional love of children in us all.

Welcome to your new story. If we can help make it more amazing, just let us know.

Dr Maureen O’Brien

Child Development Expert and best selling author of Watch Me Grow: I’m One-Two-Three

Nothing is as thrilling as becoming a new mom. And nothing is as daunting as having a crying newborn. Mothers everywhere know the feeling of enormous love and responsibility that is the hallmark of becoming a new parent.

When I first encountered the work of Dunstan Baby, I was captivated by the System’s potential to empower new parents.

To be able to listen and know what an infant needs would revolutionize the experience of parenting… from trial and error (lots of error!) to calm and confident caregiving.

It would enable parents to develop a deeper bond of understanding, love and trust with their baby and also with each other. What better way to support new families

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