Learn the Dunstan Baby Language. 

Let me help you find your flow as a new parent. Learn to quickly, confidently and gently respond to your baby’s needs.

New babies are doing their best to communicate with you.  We can help you hear what they are asking for before and as they cry out for help. Dunstan Baby Language was discovered by a desperate mother whose newborn baby cried a lot. Priscilla Dunstan discovered the secret key that the experts and just about everybody else missed – the important information was to be found in the subtle “pre-cry” sounds, and not in the wailing siren that followed. We have spent the last 16 years teaching new parents how to listen for and respond to their baby’s sounds. Millions of infants are happier and healthier as a result of having their needs taken care of before they need to cry themselves to sleep. Less crying means more sleep. For mothers, fathers as well as babies. Better feeding. Better development outcomes. Faster bonding. And more relaxed, confident parents. Welcome to the most useful, practical, simple method to help you nurture your newborn baby.

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Newborn (0 – 5 mths)



Quickly, lovingly and gently respond to your baby’s needs with the help of the Dunstan Baby Language.



Dunstan Baby Language Months Four Onward eBook

Stage 2: Combination
Sounds & More


As your baby changes, so can you. Combination sounds are the key to understanding what need to deal with first.

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Newborn (0 – 5 mths)


Learn to respond accurately to your baby’s needs with the help of the universal Baby Language.

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Stage Two: Combination Sounds & more


As your baby changes, so can you. Combination sounds are the key to understanding what need to deal with first.

New Version coming soon – FREE


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Dunstan Baby Language is the “secret language of babies” based on five simple, universal sounds or ‘words’ –  almost EVERY newborn baby makes

The biggest discovery we made was that all humans communicate their basic needs exactly the same way from the moment they’re born. These are universal, pre-cry, reflex sounds. Just like a hiccup or sneeze is produced involuntarily by our bodies – and therefore sounds the same all over the world – that’s the principle behind the five basic DBL sounds. (There are more advanced sounds, eleven more at least, that become relevant beyond the 6 month period.) The 5 sounds are “NEH” – “EH” –  EAIRH” – “HEH” and OWH”

We’d like to help you learn to distinguish between each of the five phonetic ‘words,’ and how to use them to create a baby-led, nurturing, flexible routine. In time, you’ll begin to understand how the Dunstan Baby words combine with each other. Helping you respond to your baby’s needs even faster and more confidently.

dunstan baby language five words priscilla dunstan

This has literally been a lifesaver for me. Coping with a newborn as a first time mum has been wonderful but also such a struggle and I felt like I didn’t know what my baby wanted. I never knew that a baby’s cry was universal though. Your system is amazing and has been so helpful. I’m now really in tune with my little one and I can attend to hima lot more efficiently and have him settle easier than before.

July 16, 2022

Thank you so much for this information. I can’t thank you enough. I’m a grandma who babysits frequently and it has been some time since I had babies to care for. I wish I had this information raising my kids! This is so helpful!!!! I immediately started recognizing the different cry sounds and now I feel more confident as a grandparent and how I respond to my grandbaby’s needs. God bless you.

May, 2022

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“We looked at each other and said ‘We know that cry! Is that what it means?!’

Sleep better

Feed better

Feel secure

Settle faster

Cry less

“I LOVE this!” Oprah Winfrey

The world first heard about Dunstan Baby Language on the  Oprah Show in 2006. This episode had a worldwide television audience of over 50 million people. And has been watched by tens of millions more new parents online. In fact, Priscilla’s interview with Oprah was the most requested repeat ever, and today remains one of the top 20 shows of all time on Oprah.com. We thank Oprah for her support.

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I’ve been teaching the Dunstan Baby Language since 2006.  And in that time, we’ve helped millions of parents learn to listen to their baby’s cries and make sense of them for the well-being and happiness of their beloved infants.

We are very proud of the amazing work by our network of global trainers, who have helped us take DBL to the four corners of the world. It is, after all, a universal language of babies, for every culture, and every family.

Our deepest hope is we can help make your journey as a new parent more peaceful, more enjoyable and more beneficial for your baby. 

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