Learn the Dunstan Baby Language. 

MASTER YOUR BABY’S SECRET LANGUAGE TO quickly, confidently and GENTLY respond to your baby’s needs

New babies can be overwhelming.  But the Dunstan Baby Language can help. Once you learn to tune your ears to listen for the Dunstan Baby Language words in your baby’s pre-cries, you’ll be able to quickly intervene before a cry turns into a scream. Building a calm, loving and rewarding parenting experience.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Baby Language here.

Classes and Resources

Dunstab Baby Language New Parents Course

Newborn (0 – 3 mths)


Respond to your baby’s needs with the help of the Dunstan Baby Language.

Buy Now ($45)


Dunstan Baby Language Months Four Onward eBook

Month Four Onward


Level up your language skills to prepare yourself for developmental changes.


Birth – Six months


New Parents Course and Month Four Onward bundled with a discount.

Buy Now ($75 $60)


Wellness Practitioners


Become an accredited Dunstan Baby Language educator.


Go inside a seminar with Priscilla

“We looked at each other and said ‘We know that cry! Is that what it means?!’

Better sleep

Better feeding

Feel more secure

Settle faster

Less crying

Sleep better

Feed better

Feel secure

Settle faster

Cry less

Oprah loves the Dunstan Baby Language too

The world discovered Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah, but it’s become so much more. Our programmes have helped millions of parents bond with their babies and sleep more peacefully. Incredibly, this episode is still one of the most popular she’s ever had.

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16 page e-book.

Before learning the Dunstan Baby Language, many parents like to learn more about my parenting philosophy. So, instead of trying to condense two decades of research and experience into a snappy paragraph on this website, we created this eBook.

If you feel we’re on the same wavelength, perhaps you might consider returning to learn the Baby Language Parenting System via our online courses.

Bundle and save

Interested in both our “New Parents” course and the “Months Four +” eBook? Purchase the bundle today at 15% off their individual prices.


30 day money back guarantee

I’ve been teaching the Dunstan Baby Language since 2006.  And in that time, we’ve helped tens of thousands of parents learn to listen closely, and effectively to their baby’s natural, reflex language with our parenting classes.

As well as our network of global trainers, we have developed a comprehensive suite of online courses and products that parents can access so they can quickly and easily learn the Baby Language. Beginning the journey of taking control of their parenting life the same day.

We launched all the way back in 2006 on the Oprah show with just a DVD. I’m incredibly proud of the parenting classes and resources we’ve created since then. And we’re always looking at improving them to make them more useful, more practical, and answer more questions that parents might have. 

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