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The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to listen for, interpret and respond to your baby’s needs.

Your baby wants to talk to you.  The skills you’ll acquire in our short course will allow you to pick up early cues so you can intervene before a cry turns into a scream. Building a calm, loving and rewarding parenting experience. Enrol today.

The natural, loving method to calm your baby.

It’s the system that convinced Oprah

The world discovered Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah, but it’s become so much more. Our programmes have helped millions of parents bond with their babies and sleep more peacefully. Incredibly, this episode is still one of the most popular she’s ever had.

Introducing the new Dunstan Baby App.

Keep the baby language in your pocket. OUR App is the perfect introduction to understanding your baby’s needs. IT’S a great first step to beING a more confident parent.

“I remember tears coming to my eyes and thinking ‘Thank God someone has told me about this’“


“I’ve tried leaving my baby to cry-it-out. I feel terrible every time.
Isn’t there a more humane way to settle her?”


Every new parent does everything possible to care for their baby. We all do our very best, using the best advice we can get hold off.

But all too often, there is a breaking point for all of us. Sleep deprivation leads to mental and physical exhaustion. Every extra minute your baby cries, after many hours and days and weeks of unexplained crying (called ‘colic’ by doctors) can be the straw that leads to desperate measures. We close the door to our crying baby, and walk away. Often it’s the only thing to do.

Doctors define colic as unexplained, inconsolable crying, where a baby will cry for 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week, for 3 weeks or more. Colic is the medical term for ‘We don’t know why your baby is crying, but it will eventually stop.’

As a last resort, we turn to cry-it-out or controlled crying methods.These can get a result, no doubt. But at what cost – to your baby and to your peace of mind? Surely, there must be a better answer than that?

Colic is a word that strikes fear into every new parent. And for good reason. Few things are more distressing, or more exhausting. It’s not just the wailing that is heartbreaking. It’s not knowing why. Is there something more serious going on?

And for millions of new mothers, doing the best they possibly can for their baby, it’s a dilemma. Do we jump into the car at all hours to take the baby the the Hospital or Medical Centre, or do we let baby cry it out till she fall asleep exhausted?

Colic is widespread especially in the first few months. And we believe unnecessarily so. Thankfully, there is a natural, holistic solutionthat doesn’t involve medication or resorting to leaving your baby to ‘cry-it-out’.


Better sleep

Better feeding

Feel more secure

Settle faster

Less crying

Sleep better

Feed better

Feel secure

Settle faster

Cry less

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We’re great believer in building attachments between parent and child. Physical contact with our own baby can be quite minimal without us even realizing it.

It certainly is by the standards of native cultures in which they carry their babies around all the time, hearing their baby’s every sound, feeling their baby’s every movement.

Learning to respond quickly to your baby’s cries helps them feel safe and secure, accelerating the bonding process. We call it responsive infant care. 

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