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Making a Difference : Benefits to Families and the Global Community

“The Dunstan System has the potential to make highly significant contributions in two areas. The first is scientific….this would be considered a revolutionary scientific discovery that would literally change the way we think about infants. It would force a paradigm shift…we are very enthusiastic about the Dunstan potential”

            ~ Professor Barry Lester PhD., August 2004, Brown University, USA

We believe that the Baby Language by DBL has the potential to have a significant, positive impact on families and communities around the world. 

Most mothers experience some form of the ‘Baby Blues’, however 1 in 10 mothers also experience a debilitating, longer-term illness which medicine calls ‘Postpartum Depression’.

The exact cause of Postpartum Depression is not known, however low self esteem and a lack of confidence in their ability to ‘parent’ is cited by many mothers who have experienced this condition. Stress, physical and emotional, is also believed to contribute to the condition.

Amongst the worst manifestation of Postpartum Depression is the neglect or abuse of infants. In some cases, it can also lead to ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ – a violent attack on the infant, usually to stop the baby from crying.

Independent research has demonstrated that mothers who use DBL have higher self-esteem and greater confidence in their ability to care for their baby.  

Our research studies found that stress in the home is reduced considerably, once DBL has been put into practice. This has a very positive effect on all relationships in the home, including the marital relationship.

The Dunstan Baby Language also improves productivity and efficiency in the home, providing more time to sleep, relax, ‘adult time’ or simply more pleasurable time with the baby.

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“The more original a discovery, the more obvious it seems afterwards” -Arthur Koestler