Next baby ‘words’


In search of more sounds: THIS PROJECT IS ON-PAUSE as at 5 March 2013 – We need more resources to manage this important project properly – further update coming, please stand by – the DBL team


Before too long, your baby will say more that Neh, Eh, Eairh, Owh & Heh.

We have identified a further 11 sounds (there could be more), applicable from 4 -12 months onwards.

These sounds can help us distinguish the more advanced sounds for ‘teething pain’, ‘lonely’ and ‘mother’ and others. 

Sneak peak:

   Gen means “I’m teething”

   Nuh means “I’m thirsty”

   Lowel means “I’m lonely”

   + 8 more

We simply have not yet validated them with the worldwide research, with enough babies which are  needed to confirm their universality. (The first 5 sounds took us 8 years to confirm!)

Can you support our global research efforts?

We need more resources, research partners, funding and energetic project leaders.

Those wishing to leave a lasting legacy can get involved.

A million mothers listening.

In the meantime, every Baby Listener can join in by listening out for these extra sounds.  

And testing whether these sounds, below, co-incide with the meanings as per your experience.

Then, you and your baby can be recognised as contributing to the Global Baby Listening Project.

Here’s what to do:

1. Listen.

2. Find a sound.

3. Record a video on you phone or camera.

4. Upload to YouTube or send to us directly.

5. Email us a link  to :