New Dad? A toolbox


Benefits for new Dads:

  • Most fathers do not feel as involved as their partners in caring for their new baby – especially during the first six months of the baby’s life.
  • DBL enables fathers to feel they are on the same ‘playing field’ as their partner, and equally involved in the baby’s care.
  • The baby language is just as easily understood by fathers as it is by mothers – in fact a number of mothers in the research study reported that their husbands could identify the sounds even faster than they could.
  • All fathers reported feeling more bonded to their baby after using the language. Applying the baby language greatly accelerates the bonding  process between a father and infant.
  • Having dads more engaged in the infant’s care also results in a more harmonious home, with less tension between the parents. 
  • Almost all parents researched reported a reduced level of stress in the home once DBL had been used. Not surprising, given that everyone is getting more sleep!
  • Our research shows that even the baby’s young siblings experience a benefit from learning DBL
  • Little ones tend to be far less patient than their parents when listening to a crying baby. Teaching them that the baby cries for a reason helps them to be more understanding. Encouraging them to listen for the sounds makes them feel more involved in baby’s care. This dynamic was reported by several parents in our recent research.
First time dad, DBL co-founder George Betsis with son Tomas. 1998. 

George & Tomas