A Million People to Thank


To Our Extended Family:

Without the belief, passion, commitment, hard work, creativity & financial support of our many wonderful friends, family, employees, business associates, instructors, suppliers and generous investors, the baby language would have failed to be heard so far and wide. 

First of All:

Paul A (in the bunker), Dr Megan, Eckhardt, Chris, Lucy, LM so long ago, you all helped build the foundations.  

The Unstoppable VCD Creative team: 

Dan, Andy, Kieran, Ana, Steven, Rita, Stevie, Mikey, Quanita. 

Our Amazing DBL launch team: 

Ellesha, Jay, Sally, Kate, Amine, Maureen, Nicki H, John, David S, Lucy (again), Glynn, Alena, Michelle B, Ryan & Michelle & the team at H&K (who made the Oprah Show possible); Lisa, Tammy, Fred in the US. Alison & Ashley in the UK.

Our Willing Mums, Dads and their Beautiful Talking Babies:

To all the parents who participated from our earliest tests and trials over a decade ago. Thank you for your time and invaluable feedback; to all those babies who appeared on our DVD, and whose parents spoke for us so openly and generously.

Our Financial Midwives:

Thank you for standing steadfast as the challenges grew, as we stumbled, and for your patience and belief especially, Jono, Ian F, Roddy & Peter, Phil P, whose relentless encouragement has meant so much.

Our Dear Friends and Advisors:

For your generous advice, help & guidance, Prof. Barry Lester, Linda LaGasse PhD, Joe C, James S, Nick H & Nick P, Greg G, Dave in Japan, Mark K, Stephen S, Matthew A, Theo P, Dennis P, Margaret L, Beth C, Georgie T, JC, Al, Grant V, Hristo & Megan, Angie K, Wendy C, Keith K, Ann-Maria, Ekka & Matt, & Rosielyn.

Our Rocks:

My unwavering wife Mary; My loving parents Jim & Katina; Andy, Con, Nathalie, Jono, Ana, Dan;  LM for going above and beyond. In LA, Nuno, Anthony, Bruna, Steve, Suze, Ken, Jean, Matthew.

Our Biggest Fans:

The million plus mothers, fathers & babies who just wont stop talking about DBL. And in doing so, have helped spread the love to the four corners of the world.

Thank You x 1,000,000

George Betsis



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