First time mother?


Benefits for new mothers:

  • DBL enables mothers to understand their infant’s cries, and therefore address their immediate physical needs
  • This means that the baby will cry less, settle more easily, sleep longer and be a more contented, happy baby.  As a result most mothers also get more unbroken sleep, which is at a real premium during this time.
  • Using DBL eliminates the ‘trial and error’ approach used by new parents to calm their infants. This approach often results in a distressed infant, as the incorrectly identified need is being addressed (eg feeding when the baby needs to burp, etc)
  • Mothers report feeling a far greater sense of control, once they learn the Baby Language. 
  • Having this control has an enormous, positive impact on the mother’s self esteem. Knowing DBL improves a mother’s confidence in their ability to take care of their infant (nothing erodes a mother’s confidence more than the inability to calm their crying baby). 
  • Mother’s feel more bonded to their baby, more quickly.  Long before the first ‘smile’, a mother is able to connect with her baby, and have her baby respond positively.
  • Unlike other baby communication tools (eg. ‘baby sign language’), the Baby Language is effective within a week of birth, and can be put into practice as soon as the baby comes home from hospital.  
  • The majority of mothers report feeling far less stress after using DBL. This is a direct benefit of having a happier baby, who sleeps more and cries less.
  • Similarly, DBL reduces the general stress level in the home and has a positive effect on the marital relationship. Babies set the mood in the house…just ask any new parent!
  • DBL not only helps mothers, but also benefited 2 out of 3 fathers, resulting in reduced levels of stress, greater paternal involvement in the baby’s care, and more positive marital relationships

New mother & new baby