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Decoding baby talk

June 12, 2013

By Andrea Smith from Grey-Bruce Kids magazine : “If you could specifically and accurately translate your newbornbaby’s cries, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to learn how?Like many new parents, the early days with my first baby werespent guessing how to calm his crying, sometimes with nosuccess. Attempting various ways to settle an inconsolable babycan make […]

Breastfeeding Mileage…48 months and counting…

April 1, 2013

One of the first parenting decisions I made, even before my first son was born, was that I would breastfed.   Each of my 3 children I have breastfed past their first birthday, and I’m currently (and even as I write this blog) am still breastfeeding my 15month old daughter. For me, the decision to breastfed […]

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