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Interested in sharing the wonderful Baby Language in your community? 

The DBL Baby Language Instructor Program is now in its 5th year with a passionate group of over 200 instructors making a difference in 20 countries – and growing every week.

We welcome the interest of infant care professionals and passionate non-professionals alike.

We have amongst our teaching group a variety of backgrounds and qualifications from pregnancy and infant care professionals, to doctors, nurses, midwives as well as infant massage, yoga and other wellbeing practitioners.

We will also welcome candidates who have come from business, commercial or teaching backgrounds with a strong interest in growing a community-based business, often as a part-time occupation following the birth of their own child.

Looking for a new career direction? Want a satisfying way to make a difference to other new parents and their newborn babies?

Please visit our new online Instructor Training website dedicated to providing you all the information you require to enroll in our global instructor program:

Or contact the National Trainer in your region if you wish to become a DBL instructor in your city.

Screenshots from our Online Training Course – Learn the curriculum at your own pace, study the videos, take exams, download the handouts – all online.



Every crying baby heard. Every mother nurtured. 

Over 200 dedicated baby language Instructors are making huge difference to mothers and newborn babies across the world: from Australia to South Africa, Indonesia to Russia, Holland to Brasil, the confidence and reassurance that comes with understanding your baby’s cries is being felt and appreciated daily. 

“Just wanted to thank you for making your discovery known to the world.  I am a new first-time mom with a 3 week old, and you saved my sanity!  Thank you a million times!”   ~ Allison K. Thiel, Wisconsin, USA 

Our instructors can now be found in more than 20 countries, each one striving to make a difference  to the happiness and well-being of mothers and their newborns. 

They do this by sharing a completely new way of listening to babies. 

While the Baby Listening Movement is growing everyday, there is still a long way to go before no crying baby goes unheard.  

These baby words still need to be spread far and wide. 

“Asking around here in Liverpool, England, nobody has heard of it, and it’s such a shame as, for me,  DBL took the frustration out of the first few weeks with my baby, because I understood her completely.  I was over the moon with DBL when my baby was born and think everyone should know about it,  so I would love to help with spreading the word.“ ~ Rena Gordon, England 

We are working towards a time when every new mother and father will confidently leave a hospital with their babe in arms, having completed a introductory baby language class lead by one of our trained instructors.

Our goal: 1000 instructors worldwide by 2020.

The language that babies speak is universal and easily understood by people regardless of culture or local tongue. And the benefits to both mother and infant are incredibly satisfying and profound. 

The countless letters, heartfelt blog posts and glowing reviews all remind us how we are positively impacting motherhood all over the globe.

We enthusiastically welcome the participation of infant care professionals and passionate non-professionals alike. 

If you have a a personal interest in the cries of babies to be heard and understood far and wide, please join us!

You are contributing to the bond between mother and infant.

The DBL  Instructor Program explains in depth the history, research and application of the universally applicable DBL system (the Dunstan Classification of Infant Sounds) based on the 5 ‘pre-cry’ sounds that every baby expresses to signal their 5 most important needs.

The online training program is structured to prepare you to teach the Baby Language to individual mothers or to groups of parents. It provides the basis for how the system can be best taught and applied; which subtle cues to listen for and how to better respond to an infant’s needs, with consistency, predictability and effectiveness.  

Parents will leave your session equipped with answers to their many questions. And with the tools to be able to decode the infant’s sounds, cries and visual cues, and how to and respond quickly and accurately.

 A DBL Instructor’s role is to increase the confidence levels in expectant women and to elevate the sometimes challenges self-esteem in tired new mothers. The biggest difference you can make to the well being of the family unit often starts here.

“I must say your words have made having my third child an absolute pleasure by allowing me not to feel so helpless (even with a windy baby), and I’m enjoying my time with little Ella immensely.” – Marika Fothringham, Australia

By teaching a new parent how to Listen in a New Way, you are providing a lifelong foundation upon which this most fundamental relationship depends. A DBL Baby Ears Instructor empowers mothers to better care for their baby so that by crying less, settling quicker, both mother and baby can sleep more.

Research shows that when an infant’s needs are met consistently, early attachment is made possible. Furthermore, Dads who attend your sessions can now learn to bond with baby, too. The inclusion of fathers in the nurturing process not only supports the mother but is also a profound shift in the family dynamics.

Scientific research has shown that a closer maternal bond enhances an infant’s emotional, intellectual and psychological development. Fathers can now actively contribute to this important process, with your help and guidance.

Furthermore, it is our view that an understanding of the baby language can assist mothers deal with the conditions that are commonly present in those who experience ‘baby blues’. By promoting a greater sense of confidence, self-esteem and more rest comes from applying DBL.

And only a trained instructor can truly show a new mother how to tune in to her baby’s natural, daily rhythms, such that a gentle, intuitive routine becomes possible. The DBL Baby Ears Instructor program provides you with the tools to properly deliver this knowledge with confidence.