About us

Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) is an Australian company based in Sydney. 

We began 14 years ago, on a June day when a baby boy was born. Our son Tomas began making some sounds before he cried, and his mother Priscilla listened. And made sense of them.

For 8 years, worldwide research was conducted that finally validated a remarkable idea: that every baby, of every race, colour, & culture made these same 5 sounds before they cried out. And each cry meant baby needed something specifically. No more guessing.

All you had to do was LISTEN. And respond before the crying escalated.

A million happy, relieved, parents later, we announce some simple changes.

New name. Same baby language.

After 5 years of calling it “dunstan baby language” we have shortened our name to DBL.

And our new App is called Baby Ears by DBL.

We feel it is friendlier. Easier to remember. And true to the very idea that makes the system so incredibly useful – it enables us to LISTEN in a new way. And to HEAR meaning where previously there was only noise. Our trained EARS become a tool for decoding and understanding. 

What greater talent for a new or expectant mother to develop than her ‘Baby Ears’? To be able to hear what your baby is communicating.  To enjoy your newest passion more, your baby.

By simply growing ‘Baby Ears’.

Our goal is empower every mother & father to feel more relaxed, more capable, more confident in caring for their new baby.